Who I am...

Wow!  A whole page talking about me!*

Hi, I'm Liz.  

I moved to South Korea to teach English in late October of 2011 after my "career" took a nose dive.  Ha, just kidding, I never had a "career."  Regardless, here I am.  

This is where I tell you wonderful things about me, so you'll continue reading this blog...so without further ado...

I'm a disaster.

Wait!  That's not how this is supposed to go... but, sadly, I am.

I majored in Interior Design, and graduated (with highest honors mind you) just as the bottom fell out of the U.S. Economy.  Prior to moving to Korea, my job had absolutely nothing to do with my degree (and my boss used to remind me daily how lucky I was to have it.)  I eventually lost my "so-lucky-to-have-it" job (laid off, if you were wondering.)  Truth be told, I was not sad.

But...ultimately, I started to run out of money.  So I got a new job... about as related to my degree as it would be for grocery store cashier who majored in nutrition.  Then, I was laid off AGAIN!  Second time in less than a year.  Sixth time in life.  (Seriously, if there is some sort of world record for finding jobs where you aren't really needed then I demand to be crowned queen immediately!)  Subsequently, I realized that since my career options seemed less promising by the minute, I might as well not work in my chosen field on the other side of the planet, ergo... Korea!

You're probably asking yourself how that differs than the lives for the majority of Americans, other than moving across the globe of course.  Well, here are some wonderfully disastrous facts about me:
  • I once had all my possessions burn into ash in a massive house fire (not my fault.)
  • I once confronted a burglar in my living room because he broke into my apartment while I was recovering from surgery.
  • The aforementioned surgery, was to remove my gallbladder, due to gall stone attacks which peaked the last day I attended University.
  • I once broke my middle finger with a wooden rifle.
  • I have a horrible fear of falling off of things... and no, it is not the same as a fear of heights.
  • I just spilled coffee all over while writing this list.
I could go on, but... let's talk about some happy things for a minute, as this page is starting to get a bit depressing.

So, here are some interesting (and hopefully non-disastrous) facts about me:
  • I'm an aspiring runner (and sadly, at the moment, out of practice), wishful singer and dancer, and a solid lover of design & architecture.
  • I love the color green, and green colored things, especially avocados (yum!).  
  • I also love coffee (except when it spills and distracts me from my list making), and whiskey and wine (those however never get spilled, they are far too precious of a commodity!  Actually, I'm a huge fan of sippy cups for drinking the adult beverages, but they've seem to have gone out of fashion in the bars.)
  • I love making lists... although completing said lists is a different story, and even better is lists on new school supplies (I love new school supplies), especially Lisa Frank themed school supplies.
  • When I want to shut out the world, I read... therefore, I read a lot.  I also love to read, so that helps fuel the habit.  
  • I'm getting worried that too many of these sentences have "I love..." in them, what can I say, but... "I'm a lover and I'm a sinner. I play my music in the sun."
  • I'm addicted to Facebook... yet horrible at Twitter (I'm trying y'all!)
  • I love Chicago & Texas and am consistently torn about where to say I am from.
  • I often stay up late for no good reason, or I suppose for some very good reasons that have yet to present themselves to me.  Therefore, I also hate mornings.  They really should start later.
  • I should also mention that I'm a recovering people pleaser.  It is, however, getting easier with age.
So there ya go... see now we can be friends.  Unless you don't like Lisa Frank, 'cause that's totally a deal breaker.
Just look at the adorbs little kittys.

This blog is about my experiences and how I translate the world.  Everything written here is true, except the names have been changed to protect the innocent.  Mostly.  Hopefully.  Maybe.

Additionally, my posts are to be read with as many voices, faces, and hand gestures as you can muster... since that is how I intend them.  Unless people might think you're crazy, then you don't belong here.  

Wait! Wait, come back!  I was kidding.  They already think you're crazy.  It's true.  And you do belong here.  Enjoy!

Hugs & Kisses,

*You'd think I'd like talking about me, and well I do... but... I guess I'm not as good at it as I originally thought.  I must practice more!