Sunday, January 27, 2013

Take a rest

"Take a rest" is a widely used, shall I say Konglish expression used by many Koreans, Asians, (and eventually) foreigners in Korea.

I've been told to take a rest in a variety of situations; sick days, if a class has been cancelled, sometimes in the middle of class if it is a time with the Korean co-teacher is working with the students on something.  At first it was a little unsettling, because to me it almost seemed like it was being suggested that I go and be lazy, which of course is not how I wanted to be perceived as a teacher.

The phrase has now penetrated my vocabulary (as it would anyone who has spent some time in Korea or Asia) and it has become hard to think of what phrases I used to say (take a break, get some rest, etc.), or feel like I should say anymore, and I just roll with it.

However, I recently found a planner that provides us with the exact definition.

(click on picture to enlarge)
Take a rest
when you so tired you need rest a moment do clear you 
mind and think comfortably then you will better than before

It is suddenly all so clear.  Now I see what I am supposed to be doing when I take a rest, and here I was secretly hoping it meant nap time.

Take a rest y'all.
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