Sunday, January 20, 2013

Korean penis fish

I think most people who come to Korea hear about the penis fish pretty quickly after getting here, if not even before they arrive.  And even if not, the first time you walk past a vendor selling them, you will definitely do a double take.

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Penis Fish (aka Spoon Worm)

how you see them in the market

I just recently learned that the real name for this fish is the Spoon Worm, or in Korean 개불 (gaebul), and is also commonly known as Fat Innkeeper Worm. Everyone I know says Penis Fish.  While out recently, I caught a glimpse of these fish in some sort of eating/travel show (I did not catch the name or most of the program.)  The little bit I saw of that show has definitely turned me off from ever wanting to eat these, not that I was feeling particularly inclined anyways.

How I saw them prepare it as food in the History Channel show (set in Korea), was they cut off the ends of the still pulsating worm, and squirt/squeeze out suspicious juices (sorry I don't have better info, but the show was on mute), then the fish is sliced up after it is made to look like a deflated balloon.  Then the fish is served raw with sesame oil and salt.  The host of the show did not look thrilled when he took a bite.

Yummy looking, isn't it?

There is a wee bit more information on Wikipedia, here and here, including the fact that it is also used as bait to catch, what I am assuming is larger and less creepy fish.  I'd like to consider myself pretty adventurous  but... just... ew!

Here is a video of the gripping action!

You can also click here to watch the video on YouTube.

I think what we can all take away from this post is that, people eat these things.  For food.  And, yes, it is apparently supposed to help with virility, so fellas go ahead and eat up!  Hope you are hungry!

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jessica said...

I have eaten them many times, and they are quite yummy...or maybe I just like sesame oil and salt!

Liz said...

I haven't even really had an opportunity to eat them, my only option thus far has been to buy them from the market, and I can barely cook regular food!

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